A Note from the President

Summer is a great time to relax, to get out and enjoy the sun and the long days, and to reconnect with those special people and blessings that God has given us. We hope that you have been enjoying a wonderful summer! But summer isn’t time to slow down – there has been so much great and wonderful activity in the Classis New Brunswick churches, as I hope you will see from the articles in this newsletter!

This summer, we held our first Classis-wide work trip! Pastor Jeff Knol from Colts Neck Reformed Church presented the Board of CIC with the idea of hosting an annual work trip for the entire Classis, and the Board whole-heartedly agreed to give its full support! CIC received a generous donation from Colts Neck to help fund the trip. Board of Trustees member Anthony DiGrigoli helped lead the trip and wrote a wonderful article about his experience which can be found by clicking on the “NEWS” button on this website. We hope that the article inspires your congregation to participate in future work trips, or perhaps to help lead one!

NeighborCorps Reentry Services (“NeighborCorps) is a program under CIC which helps people transition from jail back to their communities. This summer, members of the Reformed Church of Highland Park parked cars at the Middlesex County Carnival to help raise money to support NeighborCorps – thanks to all the volunteers for your hard work and support! Please click on the “NEWS” button on this website for more information!

We are happy to announce that the Board of Trustees of CIC has named Carrie Dirks-Amodeo as our new Executive Director! Carrie had previously been working as the principal Grant Writer, and has done a wonderful job in helping secure significant grants that support social justice programs throughout Classis New Brunswick such as NeighborCorps and CALTR. Congratulations Carrie!

The CIC’s Communications Committee has been working very hard to update the CIC website – look for our new look in the next few months!

For those who wish to find out more about CIC and how we can assist your church, please call in to our monthly Congregational Engagement Committee phone meeting! Meetings are typically at noon on the second Tuesday of each month – please check the “Events” page of the website for meeting dates as well as the call-in number.

It is always a blessing to work, and to walk, with the Classis New Brunswick churches to help bring God’s Kingdom to our communities! Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help your church.

It is a blessing to be able to serve with you!

In Peace,

Brian P. Szura

Partnering with churches to Transform Lives through community outreach & social justice programs in central New Jersey