A Note from the President

Are you passionate about serving your community through your church? Do you believe that people of faith have a duty to bring real change to the world? Do you feel moved by your faith to find new ways to utilize your talents and energy in order to spread God’s Love throughout the world?

If your answer is a resounding “Amen” – the Board of Trustees of Churches Improving Communities (CIC) would love to have you join us as a board member!

Anyone who shares our passion for spreading God’s Love through the work of the faith communities can become a board member. Board members volunteer their time, energy and talent and oversee the operations and finances of CIC. With the help of our Executive Director, we oversee and direct the numerous and varied programs that fall under the CIC “umbrella” – whether the program is rebuilding houses for Hurricane Sandy-damaged homes, providing no- or low-cost mental health services to those who need assistance, or helping people transition out of jail and back into their communities. Board members also help churches within the Classis dream up new initiatives and help find ways to support existing projects.

Board members are expected to support CIC financially in a way that is appropriate for them – whether it be a yearly donation of $5 or $5,000. The amount is not important but it is important that all members support the CIC for grant application purposes. Each member is also expected to be on at least one committee (currently our committees are Finance, Fundraising, Communications and Congregational Engagement) and most committees decide to meet monthly by telephone or video conferencing. The full board typically meets four or five times a year (our remaining meetings for this year are September 12 and November 15, both at 7 p.m.).

I have happily served as a board member for about seven years and can honestly say that it has been an enjoyable and exciting experience. I have always found our meetings to be both fun and inspiring – after all, it is exciting to work with like-minded people to find ways to serve our sisters and brothers through the great work of our  churches!

If you would like to discuss board membership or sit in on one of our meetings, I would love to talk! Please feel free to contact me either by phone (908-421-1242) or by email cic.president3@gmail.com any time.

It is always a blessing to work, and to walk, with faith communities to help bring God’s Kingdom to our communities. It is a blessing to be able to serve with you!

In Peace,

Brian P. Szura

Partnering with churches to Transform Lives through community outreach & social justice programs in central New Jersey