Client Story


A homeowner, Bob from Union Beach, who was helped through CALTR says, “We lost everything is Superstorm Sandy. My wife and I were in our house when it fell into the water and we wound up in the water for about two hours… We found out we were underinsured, didn’t have the right kind of insurance… so [we ended up] not getting any money from insurance. We were blessed to receive the REM grant that covered the shell of the house in the rebuilding…[but] left us with a very big shortfall. Had it not been for many volunteer groups… not only from NJ but from all over the country… [that have] come in and help us with materials and money for materials and most importantly the labor – our sheetrock, our floors, our painting was all done with volunteers – we would not be home if it wasn’t for the volunteers and the volunteer groups. I’m just blown away. My wife and I everyday are thankful for people who were able to come and help us. There are so many others in the Bay Shore area who are in the same boat as we are and are able to get back in their homes… for the same reasons.”

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