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October 29th marked the 4-year anniversary of Super-storm Sandy making landfall in NJ.  Many shore-area residents are still not back in their homes.  The Reformed Church of Highland Park has been involved in Sandy Restoration work since 2013 and continues its work in coordinating and leading work groups in the form of CALTR – Churches Accomplishing Long-Term Recovery.  CALTR is dedicated to providing home reconstruction for low-income home owners affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Please join us for a Day of Service on Monday, January 16th, 2017 (Martin Luther King Day).  Work will be mostly indoors.  If you cannot participate in the MLK Day of Service, please consider serving as a volunteer at some other point in the year.  Our Project Manager, Harry Pangemanan, is at the shore most weeks, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & occasional Saturdays. We welcome both skilled and unskilled and especially those who are unemployed/underemployed.  If you cannot volunteer, please consider making a donation to CALTR to help us with purchases of building materials.

In recent years, the Martin Luther King Day of Service has become a new American tradition.  We invite you to spend that day reminding our sisters and brothers at the Jersey shore that they are not forgotten.  You may contact me either via  or by phone 609-206-5507 – I hope to hear from you!

To view our new video with testimony by a homeowner assisted by CALTR, please click on this link:




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