What is a Classis?
The Reformed Church in America and its churches are arranged into geographic areas called classis. Classis is the Latin word for “fleet.” In early times the congregation was often compared to a ship; so a classis is like a fleet of congregations sailing together. The classis has jurisdiction over all matters relating to the work and welfare of the church within the bounds of the classis’s geographic area.

What churches are in the New Brunswick Classis and how does it relate to Churches Improving Communities (CIC)?
Churches Improving Communities is a 501(c)3 non profit  community development corporation whose membership is made up of the churches of Classis New Brunswick. CIC operates independently from the New Brunswick Classis. See the structures of both below along with each church represented in the New Brunswick Classis.classis-diagram3

How are contributions to Churches Improving Communities used?
Churches Improving Communities is committed to using all contributions wisely and effectively.  CIC is funded through grants, individual, church, and corporate donations. We have no other sources of funding. We are counting on you to help us make an impact on your community.  CIC  is here to help Reformed churches in Classis New Brunswick develop and expand service projects in their communities.

Partnering with churches to Transform Lives through community outreach & social justice programs in central New Jersey