FCC Summary Report August 2016

Churches Improving Communities
Focus Church Campaign 2016/2017 – First Reformed Church of New Brunswick

Summary Report August 2016

Churches Improving Communities and Classis New Brunswick are pleased to be working with First Reformed Church in New Brunswick on the 2016/17 Focus Church Campaign.

Since the selection of First Reformed in June, we have met to tour the facility and get to know the church, met volunteers, formed the Local Focus Church Campaign Committee, and are now deep into the work of discerning the focus and shape of the year ahead.

First Reformed Church tasked the Local Focus Church Campaign Committee to develop a theological rationale for this new work as expressed in a motto or tagline that will encompass the history, community and future of First Reformed Church. The discussion around this topic has been very robust, generating the following ideas:

Historic Roots, Modern Branches
Rooted in History, Reaching into the Community
Grow Roots Here
Become New With Us
Find Meaning Here
Meaning: Yours to Discover
Come As You Are
A Place for Everyone
Feeling Uprooted? Community Starts Here
1717-2017 & Beyond: Rooted in Community, Invested in You

Next Steps
1. Determine one or two top taglines and a list of potential projects that we will focus on.

2. Present ideas and progress to date to the congregation at First Reformed Church at an October 30 coffee hour to open a discussion and gather input and ideas. The Focus Church Campaign Steering Committee will provide refreshments. Anyone who is interested is invited to attend, including Admin Council members and CIC Board Members.

3. Outline campaign plan including project timeline, goals, personnel roles, congregational involvement, fundraising, advertising, etc.

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