FCC Summary Report September 2016

Churches Improving Communities
Focus Church Campaign 2016/2017 – First Reformed Church of New Brunswick

Summary Report September 2016

  1. Top taglines:

    First Reformed Church of New Brunswick
    Authentic Community: Grow Roots Here

    First Reformed Church of New Brunswick
    Authentic Community: Build with Us

    First Reformed Church of New Brunswick
    Meaning? Let’s Seek Together


  1. Brainstorm a list of potential projects that FCC will focus on this year

Locations for ministry and events:
Boyd Park
Buccleuch Park
George Street Square
Park on J&J property
Train station
Event ideas:
Cemetery Tour
Native American Festival
Petting Zoo
Blessing of the Animals
Open House Worship Service

  1. Introduce ministries
  2.  Interactive – answer questions about worship
  3. what needs do you have?
  4. Who is First Reformed and what is the RCA?
  5. Specific invitations to community groups

Business Caroling
Music on the Church Steps
Lunchtime Concerts
Group Pastoral Hospital Ministry – singing, bible study
Jobs/Employment Workshop
300-year Anniversary Celebration
Possible target audiences for campaign: – want to grow roots, forge community
J&J people
East Asian population
DINKs – into yoga, health, lifestyle, recreation, travel, unusual/unique experiences and knowledge, diverse cultures, hyperlocal events and consumerism

Other thoughts:
Moving people from “what do I have to do?” to “come as you are and receive.”
God has said Yes to you/Global perspective and world religion
Character over achievement
life-sharing: leave church better equipped for the week ahead
moving people from mistrust, disease, and a sense of untrustworthiness about the world into a trust of God


Partnering with churches to Transform Lives through community outreach & social justice programs in central New Jersey