Focus Church Campaign

The Focus Church Campaign is a joint initiative of Classis New Brunswick and Churches Improving Communities that provides one Classis NB church a full year of concentrated technical assistance to expand their reach into the community, thereby increasing potential membership, congregational vitality, and community involvement.

The Focus Church Campaign is made possible through the anonymous donation from a Classis NB church, and we are grateful for the opportunity to invest in the potential of churches and their communities through this program.

FCC 2016/17

FIRST REFORMED CHURCH OF NEW BRUNSWICK has been chosen as the 2016/17 Focus Church! CIC and First Reformed will be working closely together in the coming year to identify goals to expand the breadth and depth of the church’s community ministry, and to create action and momentum towards meeting these goals.

Please follow along First Reformed’s journey here as we post updates and documents of our work together.

6/24/2016: Orientation Meeting
Agenda and Discussion Questions

August 2016: Local FCC Committee Meeting
Summary Report

September 2016: Local FCC Committee Meeting
Summary Report



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