Hurricane Harvey Response

hurricane harvey 
Many people have asked in recent days to ask what CIC and its church partners are doing to address the devastation in Houston and in surrounding towns. They are asking because they know we have had tremendous experience helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy though our program CIC-Churches Accomplishing Long Term Recovery (CALTR), which has rebuilt over 200 storm-damaged homes for low-income residents at the NJ shore in the last five years.

CALTR’s Response

CALTR, in partnership with the Reformed Church of Highland Park, is organizing a Rapid Response Mission Trip to Texas to depart central NJ September 15th and return September 27. CALTR Project Manager, Harry Pangemanan, will lead this team. Harry has honed his disaster relief skills over the last five years: he not only helped 3000 volunteers rebuild over 200 homes after Sandy, he also has traveled to South Carolina and West Virginia to deal with floods over the past three years.

How You Can Help

  1. Join the trip to Texas
    If you have a heart for disaster relief, are physically able to perform the demanding work that awaits our team in Texas, and you have the ability to take time off of your job, please contact us at to sign up or for more information about the trip.
  2. Donate
    If you are unable to participate in the work trip, please offer support by giving financially. Click here to donate directly to emergency disaster response through CALTR and its partners in Texas.

RCHP & CALTR are NOT collecting goods and supplies at this point. We may, prior to September 15th, send out a list of needs—such as rubber gloves, garbage bags, masks etc… Please check back here.

Our Texas Connections

Through RCHP member Jean Stockdale, we have a presence in the impacted parts of Texas. With Jean’s help we will identify on-the-ground local efforts that need financial support in order to distribute aid to those who are suffering. We also hope that Jean can assist us in finding skilled volunteers to join Harry’s team when they are in Texas.
The Reformed Church in America has two new church starts in Houston. One pastor told the RCA that he spent $8,000 just last week on bottled water. We will be sending financial contributions to those congregations—through the RCA—so that they have what they need to support their neighborhoods in Houston with water, food and basic supplies.

Disaster Response Partners

World Renew is the name of the national/global disaster relief organization of the Reformed Church and Christian Reformed Church. World Renew was an essential partner in our work to address Hurricane Sandy. World Renew will be at it for the long haul—supporting work teams for years to come. World Renew will also be our partner with the Rapid Response Work that we are doing from September 15th-27th.

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