Churches Improving Communities (CIC) is a non-profit community development corporation that pools the resources of faith communities – including volunteers, money, and professional expertise – to transform lives through creating and supporting effective social justice and community service programming in central New Jersey.

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Emergency Relief for Immigrant Families 

Help us provide funds to families who were promised emergency aid and never received it. 

$60,547 raised out of our $2,000,000 goal as of 11/25/20 from 105 donors.

Read the full story on our GoFundMe page.

Gift giving has never been easier

Shop online for friends and family with CIC’s gift giving catalog.  Or donate directly to CIC’s programs.


Need consulting to get your community program off the ground?  Learn about CIC’s consulting services here.

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Mental Health in Challenging Times

CBMHS's weekly newsletter, Maintaining Mental Health During Challenging Times, has provided mental health resources that support individuals and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Written and complied by CBMHS clinicians and CIC staff, these mini publications...

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CIC Welcomes the NJ Congregational Center for Cancer Care

CIC Welcomes its newest program, the New Jersey Congregational Center for Cancer Care. NJCCCC will serve as a center of excellence on community-centered responses and care for families and individuals who are impacted by a cancer diagnosis. Harnessing the power of...

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