CIC Welcomes its newest program, the New Jersey Congregational Center for Cancer Care. NJCCCC will serve as a center of excellence on community-centered responses and care for families and individuals who are impacted by a cancer diagnosis. Harnessing the power of congregations, NJCCCC will listen to understand unmet needs, train and place volunteers – including lay-chaplains, provide support for caregivers including doctors, nurses, and clergy, cultivate thoughtful relationships with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, collect, create, and disseminate resources, and sponsor advocacy and fundraising events.

While the idea for this program has been germinating for several years, NJCCC will officially begin January 1, 2020, and will be housed at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, NJ.

If you are a congregation, community group, or individual who cares about this issue and would like to be involved in NJCCCC, please contact for more information.