Churches Accomplishing Long-term Recovery (CALTR) is a CDC project coordinating the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts of several Reformed churches in the Classis. The CDC has received a $10,000 gift to help continue the work of CALTR.

Two years after the storm, New Jersey anticipates 5 to 7 more years of rebuilding to make homes livable for thousands of families that had significant damage. The $10,000 gift makes possible a part-time construction manager to continue working with the dozens of volunteer teams from churches around the country who come year round to devote a week of hard work repairing houses in the shore towns.

Classis churches involved in CALTR include Community Church of Keyport, where lunch is served to volunteers, as well as Reformed churches in Metuchen, Highland Park, Brielle, and South River, where the visiting volunteers have lodging.

CALTR also recruits local unemployed people and provides them with learning experience in construction techniques so they gain job skills.  The CDC has applied for two additional grants to expand this aspect of CALTR.  The beauty of the CDC is that as a 501c3 nonprofit, the CDC can attract grants from corporate and government funding sources to accomplish the community service initiatives of the churches, when those same funders would not be able to donate directly to a church.

Using the services of CDC grant writer CALTR has applied for 2 grants to help pay for construction supplies used in rebuilding the houses. Please pray for the CDC’s success in obtaining these 2 grants.